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The Shrine's payment gateway is totally safe and secure. We have made this Payment Gateway simple and easy to use. Please feel free to contribute generously towards our mission and to reach out to someone in need.   If you have any queries or difficulties regarding our payment gateway please write to us at  :

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HOLY MASSES Single Mass offering:  Rs. 50 /$ 5/£ 3 / €3
Set of 30 Holy Masses: Rs. 1500 / $ 150/ £100 / €100
Perpetual Masses: Rs. 50 /$ 5/£ 3 / €3
Family Enrolment for Perpetual Masses: Rs. 600/ $ 60/ £ 30 / € 50

General Masses:  We here at the Shrine will be glad to celebrate or arrange for the celebration of Holy Masses offered by you for your intentions. Masses are either celebrated here in the Shrine or distributed to all our Salesian Institutes and mission stations.  All stipends received are also sent to the Salesian Houses or mission stations for their up keep and maintenance.

Perpetual Masses:

Charitable Association of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Rome – Italy

The Charitable Association of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the promotion of Perpetual Masses was established at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Rome Italy by the decree of Pope Leo XII. ONE MASS IS OFFERED DAILY IN PERPETUITY FOR ALL YOUR INTENTIONS. Enrollments may be made in favor of both living and dead. Enrollments may be repeated as often as you give a new contribution.
These offerings are devoted to Charity.

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Fr. Maschio Memorial Foundation Projects

The Fr. Maschio Memorial Foundation was established on 9th September, 1997 on the occasion of the first death anniversary of late Rev. Fr. Aurelius Maschio, having a Mission statement as under:

Fr. Maschio Memorial Foundation is named after late Rev. Fr. Aurelis Maschio, who in imitation OF Don Bosco worked tirelessly for the welfare of the poor and the young. Fr. Maschio Memorial Foundation strives to strengthen the participation of the young and the poor, with preference for the marginalized, in developing processes that affect their well-being. The new forms of urban and rural poverty today call for more innovative interventions from the Salesians. It is an extension of the Salesian charism in the areas of activities that the Salesians have not been able to reach. 


-  Scholarship Scheme for poor students
-  Educational aid for the poor students
-  Breakfast for the poor and the destitute
-  Medical aid for the poor
-  Care and Support of the Orphans
-  Care and Support of Street & Marginalized youth
-  Support of Boardings and Hostels in the Missions & Rural Areas.
-  Development projects in Mission areas
-  Support of Mission Stations & Missionaries

for more information on the various works that we do please also visit :


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Support of Seminarians  

We invite your generous support for our candidates to the priesthood. You may support us either by establishing a Perpetual Burse of Rs. 5000, Rs. 10000, Rs, 150000 or £250, £500 or € 250, € 500.) or $ 250, $ 500 (These perpetual burses may be offered in thanksgiving for favors received or in memory of some dear departed person.  Any other smaller contribution is also gratefully accepted.


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Contribution for the Day

Your contribution to the ‘Shrine Piggy Bank’ is most welcome! Any amount that you would like to offer as you begin or end  the day, towards charity for someone in need, will be much appreciated and will touch the heart of ‘someone’ – somewhere!

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Subscription towards Madonna Magazine

Magazine Website :
Please also visit :  for change of address etc.

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Shrine Services

The Shrine has a magnificent crypt. It  is available for Nuptial or Thanksgiving Masses offered by families or Corporates. For details kindly contact the Rector of the Shrine at

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Additional Information

For Donations & Contributions by Cheques / Drafts / Postal Orders / M.O. etc.

Send your Cheques /Drafts/ Postal Orders/ M.O. – favoring: Rev. Fr. Edwin D’Souza SDB or Trustee, Bombay Salesian Society, Don Bosco – Matunga – Mumbai – 400 019 (India)

Rev. Fr. Edwin D’Souza SDB
Phone & Fax +91 22 2414 6320 / Email:
Legal Title: The Bombay Salesian Society – Reg. Trust – No Bom 55 of 1960 GBBSD Public Trust F 903 Bom 20 -10 -61
TT Remittances: Bombay Salesian Society,
For Foreign donors / Currency – Credit Account no.
  – 20052983874
For Indian donors / Currency – Credit Account No. – 20052983863
Allahabad Bank, Wadala Br. Mumbai 400 031
Allahabad Bank Swift Code ALLAINBBTDM


The legal trust that manages the works carried out by the Mumbai Province Salesians for poor and marginalized youth in Western India. 

For more News and Information on various works undertaken please also visit :

- Don Bosco Development Society

- Don Bosco Mumbai

- Bosco Information Service (Mumbai)

IMPORTANT NOTICE :  Effective 01 August 2009

Dear Friends and Benefactors of the Don Bosco Mission,
From the 1st of August 2009
as per the Reserve Bank of India guidelines, it is mandatory for all credit card holders to give a SECURECODE or I-Pin (Internet Pin ) for all your credit card transactions. Our payment gateway (PG) has been modified to include SECURE CODE and I-Pin Transactions. Before you enter into the PG make sure you have the following:

1. Your Credit Card (Preferably a MasterCard or VISA Logo one)
2. CVV number (See the reverse of the Card) and
3. Your SECURECODE or I-Pin number.

In case you do not have your SECURECODE or  I-Pin please contact your credit card company or bank or financial institution and request them to give you the Internet SECURECODE or I-Pin Numbers. 90% of all Internet Banking Transactions by Credit Card Worldwide require the use of this feature. This feature is for your safety too.

Please note:
We at the Shrine periodically test and monitor our own PG so all transactions are completed successfully. In Case you cannot access our gateway, or find it responding slowly, please try again. The use of a faster Internet connection will help in some cases where there is a dial-up connection to prevent time-outs or aborted transactions.
If you still have difficulty in accessing the facility please do not hesitate to contact Fr. Edwin at

Thanks and God Bless.
Fr. Edwin D'Souza SDB

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